Musings – A Diva soundset

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Musings - A Diva soundset

I’m announcing the release of my new (and first) soundset for Diva 1.3 – Musings

It contains 180 presets. There are a variety of pads, plucks, keys, noises, ambient drones and a few fx and bass sounds. About 50 of them are variations of others. The soundset makes ample use of the new Diva 1.3 modules… the Digital Oscillator and the ‘Uhbie’ Filter.

While I put the presets into categories, many of them could be in other ones and do not fit an easy description. I would describe the overall tone as moody, dark and noisily ambient with bright rays of light streaming through.

The cost is $24

Here are some preset demos. Each one is played in realtime using assigned controllers. There is no host automation or other plug-ins used. Most of the presets use some combination of modwheel, aftertouch, expression pedal and velocity. There is a lot of variety in the modulation so they should be played and experimented with. Some of the sounds transform with the use of the modwheel and pedal. I am working on a couple more demos which will follow.